Curious About Our Custom Jewelry Process?

Creating your perfect piece of jewelry is easier than you might think. We pride ourselves on close collaboration with our clients to create a piece unique to them, their story, and their lifestyle. Whether you have a family ring you would like to modify, heirloom jewelry you would like to repurpose, or you have an idea to realize, we can help. 

Getting Started

We start each custom project with a hands-on consultation. During your scheduled appointment, we will discuss your vision for your custom piece of jewelry—if you don’t know what you imagine yourself wearing, that’s okay too. We will explore the use of different materials, establish your ideal budget, look through images of jewelry designs that you admire, and, if applicable, discuss the types of stones you are interested in incorporating into your piece. We welcome reference photos from any source, but we alway suggest that clients take a look through our Instagram and website to get a feel for some of our most recent and most favorite projects. 

Stone Curation

If you would like to add a new stone, or stones, into your design, the next step is a Stone Curation + Consultation. Based on your ideal budget, jewelry styles that you like, and the diamonds or gemstones you’re most attracted to, we will source a curated selection of stones. Once the stones are in our hands, we will invite you to come by the shop to take a look and pick the one(s) that speak to you. 


Once we have all of your stones, family material, and/or a comprehensive understanding of your vision, we will move forward with creating a 3D model of your design. Creating a model gives you the opportunity to view your piece in person, try it on, review the size and scale, and request modifications, if needed, before we move forward with creating the final version. Models are either fabricated by hand in silver, or grown in resin using a jewelry-specific computer-aided design (CAD) program.

Finalizing Your Piece

Once a model has been approved, we take a deposit for half the total cost of your project and move forward with creating the final piece. From start to finish, the timeline for a custom piece can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your design. Once we have finished your custom piece of jewelry, we will schedule a time for you to pick it up and pay your remaining balance. 

Future Care

We believe in caring for the pieces we make for life. If you ever need your pieces cleaned, re-polished, repaired, or re-sized, let us know. If you are gifting the piece or are having an engagement ring made and do not want to ruin the surprise, we suggest, and are happy to, make sizing adjustments after the piece has been gifted. We are also happy to provide you with a formal appraisal of your piece upon request. 

Ready to move forward with your very own piece? Visit our Consultations page to schedule an appointment. Questions? Read more about Our Process, or email us at